A walk through the island’s most beautiful trails, with breath-taking vistas The Golden Island of Krk is one of the best destinations for hikers and mountaineers. A combination of the sea and rocky landscapes, towns and villages, olive groves and vineyards, accompanied by the scents of the Mediterranean plants and flocks of sheep curiously peeking from their pastures, vouches a truly special experience. Krk prides itself on an extensive network of walking and hiking trails of different lengths, types and levels of difficulty, either following the shoreline or cutting through its appealing interior. Over 300 kilometres of marked trails just call for a hiking adventure. It is up to you to pick a route that best suits your level of fitness and interests, and head off to explore the island’s stunning nature.Hiking is a year-round activity on Krk, all you need is adequate clothing and footwear, plenty of fluids and you are all set to go! Besides health benefits, you will get to learn about the island’s history, culture, flora and fauna, and incredible diversities in the smallest of areas.


Krk’s tourism professionals have prepared numerous events that include walks in nature and exploring the island’s impressive cultural heritage.

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Take a guided hiking or mountaineering tour and spend a memorable day in the company of nature lovers.

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