Wakeboarding as an unforgettable experience

If you are looking for a new sporting challenge and are passionate about water sports, wakeboarding is a great choice. You can enjoy this adrenaline-rush activity in Punat Cove, located in-between the towns of Krk and Punat. Wakeboard Cable Krk boasts a modern, 650-metre-long ski lift for a unique experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will have immense fun! And be sure to bring your friends and family too – they will have loads of fun watching the stunts. Spend your day chilling in a cool summer vibe. In the summer months, we also offer wakeboarding courses for kids.


Address: Prvo more na Dunatu, 51500 Krk (Bay of Punat)

Mob: +385 91 262 7303

Email: shop@wakeboard.hr

Website: www.wakeboarder.hr

Contact: Varna Laco